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May 31, 2022

Episode 1 - Meg Walsh, Content Guru

Episode 1 - Meg Walsh, Content Guru

Meg is a self-proclaimed content nerd and amateur photographer, the fifth of six kids – so she’s scrappy and willing to fight for what she wants. She is passionate about the how of content and driven to help teams and organizations recognize content as a critical business asset rather than the afterthought it often becomes.

She has reported up through many different teams in both small not for profits and large enterprises and has worked for the marketing, digital, and technology parts of organizations giving her a really unique view of content and how it can be best stored, managed, and published.

She recently transitioned from 14 years in the hospitality industry to start with A W S in January in a new role made just for her building out the product management discipline in support of the technical documentation team.

Twitter: @megwalsh05

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