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Aug. 16, 2022

Episode 12 - Cori Caldwell, Coaching Cicerone

Episode 12 - Cori Caldwell, Coaching Cicerone

Cori Caldwell had a successful 20-plus-year relationship with Silicon Valley companies like VMWare, Symantec, and Cisco before a series of life-changing events brought her marketing and communications career to a crossroads. Taking stock in all facets of her life – work, social, and health – she chose the path less traveled and embarked on a new adventure. Leveraging what she knew and had learned from working her high-pressure tech-gigs, she turned those lessons into a passion career as a work-life coach to help others find and follow their best lives.

Born with a big imagination, Cori Caldwell always wanted to be a writer. Her first publication, the weekly Antville Times, brought the often overlooked trepidus and disaster-filled lives of ants to her neighborhood’s attention.

Growing up in the Bay Area, Cori didn’t pay attention to the tech world surrounding her until she landed her first marketing gig with one of them. Thanks to a manager at Cisco, one of her early mentors, Cori realized she had an aptitude for team leadership and loved helping teams and team members succeed. As she gained momentum in her career, she knew early on that she wanted to be surrounded by intelligent, creative, driven people and that careers can be self-defined and don’t have to include an executive path.

So, after experiencing, coping, and ultimately ignoring several occasions of literal burn-out, she decided to double down on what she really enjoyed - helping others by supporting and being a guiding partner in their success. She realized that she had to be accountable for her success and decided to go for it. And not just from a career change, she packed up and moved houses where she could immerse herself in positive energy.

As a work-life mindset coach, she enjoys the mix of clients and the partnerships she builds with them. She describes herself as a guide – working alongside a partner as they explore their path to success. Their “lightbulb moments” continually refuel Cori’s passion and provide positive affirmation that she is helping the people she works with.

Above all, her experience has taught her that you have to be intentional with your integrity and set boundaries. These guide rails enable you to recharge and stay healthy. And remember, don’t forget to breathe.

Song:  Inside Job, Pearl Jam

Street Name:  Storyline Road; its gonna curve, and dip, but keep following your story.

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