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Aug. 23, 2022

Episode 13 - Susan Hunter, HR Industry Change Maker

Episode 13 - Susan Hunter, HR Industry Change Maker

Susan Hunter is an HR consultant and diversity, equity, and inclusion strategist. An avid reader and an incurable chocolate lover – not necessarily in that order. Her commitment to causes she believes in helped her flourish with firms like Aon Hewitt and Willis Towers Watson. She now applies that passion for fueling her own personal, professional, and financial freedom working with clients to solve their problems and making HR accessible and easy.

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Susan Hunter is a leader and change agent in the world of human resources.

As a lifelong learner, she is always looking for a new perspective and a way to bring inclusion and equity to the equation.

Early aspirations had her dreaming of a classroom setting as her workplace; Susan took that passion for learning and teaching in another direction and tackled the world of human capital and resources. Learning from industry leaders at Aon Hewitt and Willis Towers Watson, she found her passion for all aspects of the industry. Her journey on the corporate path connected her with a few key life influencers; powerful, intelligent women who fueled her desire to make an impact with her work.

Purposefully moving through the different areas of Human Capital – benefits, employee engagement, communications, etc. – Susan learned over and over that the crux of human resource success is less about the design of a program and more about how it is communicated. Positive, proactive, responsive change management is core to developing and maintaining an engaged, productive, and thriving team of employees.

Susan recently diverged from her corporate path to open her own HR practice, Hunter & Associates. Its mission is to help boards and leadership teams with their diversity, equity, and inclusion strategies – guiding clients to move beyond words and shift into meaningful, impactful, and sustainable actions.

Early influencer: Summer term manager

Career street name: Reflection Way crossed with Square One Road

Alternate career: Teacher

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