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Nov. 1, 2022

Episode 21 - Megan Gilhooly, Turn Around Strategist

Episode 21 - Megan Gilhooly, Turn Around Strategist

Megan Gilhooly is driving a new customer experience for self-help and content strategy at Reltio. She makes it her mission throughout her career to change how organizations think about product content. Her superpower - turning dysfunctional communications teams into highly efficient content producers.

With visions of overcoming her shyness, which she absolutely has – and traveling the world as an inspirational speaker, she landed in journalism to share her voice. Yet after living through while reporting on the devastating flood and fire that hit her hometown of Grand Forks, ND, she realized that journalism wasn’t going to lead her in the direction she wanted to go, so she took her gifted writing skills to the corporate side of things. Starting on contract, she was hired and moved up to management in the world of technical writing.

Her path forward is driven by learning and going after what she wants. From a master’s degree to starting her own business (Snailers) to motherhood – she is driven by inner strength. She learned it from her mother, who was diagnosed with breast cancer when Megan was just a toddler. She didn’t realize that her mom instilled a strength of character and will in her until much later in life, but she has always let it guide her in making decisions.

A big believer in taking the first opportunity that presents itself has worked out well and helped her recognize opportunities at hand. Megan has never been afraid to say yes to the first offer if it felt right. No FOMO for her. And she’s not scared of change. From getting married to moving to and then back from Canada, and then restarting her career, she says it’s the values of a company she weighs heavily in choosing her next adventure.

As a Turn Around Strategist, she can’t be afraid of change or pushing for it. She thrives on fixing problems rather than taking a well-run operation to the next level. She is strategic and comfortable as a change leader; no form of hell or high water can stop her when she sees what needs to be done. Megan loves a good challenge. She knows first-hand that sometimes you must push through the noise and push back on those in your way to get what you set your sights on.

Her best advice – is never to let anyone stand in the way of getting what you want.

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