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Jan. 3, 2023

Episode 27 - Karla Santi, Creative Visionary

Episode 27 - Karla Santi, Creative Visionary
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Karla Santi is a change-maker and creative visionary. An early entrepreneur, she's accomplished on many fronts, including being an advocate for women in tech for her entire career – often speaking locally and nationally to encourage young women to pursue careers in STEM. As Blend Interactive's CEO and visionary, she uses her strong creative drive to foster a company culture and environment where people want and love to work. She sets an excellent example for her kids, team, and others in the community and nation.

Karla grew up in an artistic environment – from art and sewing at home to an encouraging grade school art teacher who acknowledged her creative talent. She turned early aspirations of being an art teacher to the digital world, where she plies her creativity wherever possible and in whatever she does. True to her mid-western roots, she can't help but be authentic in all she does, no matter what life throws her personally or professionally.

Embracing what she believes in, Karla has evolved her roles at work, at home, and in the community over the years. She is willing to break out of her comfort zone, take on new challenges, and push others to do the same. Whether planned or happenstance, Karla embraces new challenges and opportunities for growth. A pivotal moment for her, and ultimately the organization, came about by chance when she had to take center stage to accept an award. The resulting invitation to speak at a gala in DC to a very influencer-heavy audience – amplified her voice and public presence – both of which she's been leaning into ever since.

Karla's learned that flexibility across the roles we fill is essential if we want to grow and mature. And she tries to provide that for her team at Blend and her family. Like so many of us, decades of experience provide opportunities for reflection and create awareness. Flexibility lets you create the space to try new things and grab opportunities as they come about. Flexibility enables you the mental space to be bold and try new things without waiting for the perfect time, which will never come around.

"Be bold, and take risks" – advice she follows to help Blend achieve its goal of being known as the best team in the industry by 2030.