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Jan. 24, 2023

Episode 29 - Cheryl Sutherland, Mindful Optimist

Episode 29 - Cheryl Sutherland, Mindful Optimist
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Cheryl Sutherland is a Mindfulness Speaker and Founder of PleaseNotes, a for-purpose company of affirmation-filled products.

She has spent her career spreading the message of mindset growth and human potential and has worked with companies such as Wonder Women Tech, WeWork, The Women's Leadership Intensive, and Badassery Magazine. In her teens, she had visions of reshaping people physically as a plastic surgeon; she now helps others reshape their frame of mind and commitment to themselves.

Cheryl describes her career a 'Either a great story or a dumpster fire – it depends on the perspective".

Before getting into personal growth – it was all about working hard. She was ticking all the proverbial boxes but felt something was missing. Looking for inspiration, she attended a "how to make more money and be more successful" workshop. She had a revelation. And after a lot of internal reflection, what she took away from that workshop was not about making more money but about following your passion. So she permitted herself to step away from the "success" she'd achieved and leaned into her newfound passion – personal growth.

With entrepreneurship in mind, she left Calgary for LA and set her sights on learning firsthand, on the fly, how to start a company and about self-growth. Her most significant discovery was that the magic bullet for success was confidence. It didn't matter what you knew or how passionate you were about something; if you were confident that you could do what you had a plan for, then that was the motivation and fuel needed to succeed at it.

She loves the pace of running a company. Still, at the beginning of 2022, she stepped away from her company's operations, promoted herself to visionary, and hired a business manager to run the day-to-day while I see she started work with a tech company. She realised that her old habits of negative self-talk and anxiety were creeping back into her life and needed to step back to reset her intentions and more precise boundaries.

Her mantra throughout it all has been, "If it's easy, I don't want it". And Cheryl firmly believes that you can have anything you want if you believe you can. Reflecting back on her career thus far, she realises that "If I had just believed in myself from the beginning, finding success and fulfillment would have been much easier".


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