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June 14, 2022

Episode 3 - Carla Johnson, Innovation Evangelist

Episode 3 - Carla Johnson, Innovation Evangelist
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Carla is a force to be reckoned with. She’s a leading innovation architect, author of 10 books, train station historian, and an in-demand speaker, world traveler, and worthy scooter race opponent. Day-to-day Carla Johnson helps organizations design and build the ideal architecture to accelerate innovation, engagement, and growth.

With both city-street cred and farm grit, Carla lives to learn. She firmly believes that to succeed; you have to keep trying new things and keep at it until you grow or learn the lesson the attempt was there to teach you. Her self-directed journey had her following a passion for animals, processes, and history, and each turn has been essential to leading her to her role today - working with companies and teaching them how to embrace opportunities and challenges through innovative thinking.

Author of 10 books, mother of three, and world traveler, Carla epitomizes what it means to embrace life.

Listen in and hear about how Carla has created a niche through her innovative approach to life.