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Feb. 7, 2023

Episode 31 - Lisa Buyer, Disrupting PR Maven

Episode 31 - Lisa Buyer, Disrupting PR Maven

Lisa Buyer is a leader. Always one to be on point and often ahead of the curve, she is a bright light that shines on female leadership advocacy as the founder of the #FemaleDisruptors movement. She and her team at Female Disruptors spotlight women who are disruptors in their space. She inspires future female disruptors via much-needed advocacy, education, and inspiration via unwavering and committed passion, vision, focus, compassion, and determination.

Words have held a special place in Lisa’s heart from an early age. An avid reader, she dreamed of being a journalist and was inspired by her high school yearbook teacher to pursue her passion. She realized early on that she needed to carve her path and thus hacked her way to a successful digitally-centered PR practice and thriving agency, The Buyer Group. She re-imagined the age-old PR practices into a technologically enabled discipline. She created the textbook for it with her book Social PR Secrets – now widely used in PR curricula across the US.

It was well into the agency’s success that she noticed a discrepancy between the coverage she could secure for her male clients and the female leaders she worked with. Equally or more qualified and impressive as their male counterparts, the traditional media outlets just weren’t as interested. Heeding her advice to not rely on others to get your narrative out in the world, in 2019, Lisa created her outlet to provide the platform these and other, amazing women deserved. Focused and professional, the #FemaleDisruptors movement was born with a new megaphone for professional women.

Then in 2021, things changed; all the business and personal struggles of growing a successful business and movement amplified. Lisa was burnt out. Her team was at a crossroads. Her daughter was struggling. Lisa knew what she had to do. Giving the team 30 days’ notice, she shuttered The Buyer Group for the foreseeable future. Now what?

Turning to the personal growth and success thought leaders she leaned on early in her career, she was inspired by Susie Orman once again. Coming out of retirement to support the Me2 movement, Lisa listened to her podcast Women and Money. She was back at it within weeks – starting up a virtual summit, updating existing and creating new digital PR courses, keeping her core focus on her daughter, and ensuring she had the needed support and resources.

Today, Lisa thrives again thanks to her early enablement and encouragement to try new things. She doesn’t miss client work or managing a team. And has come to realize that it is ok to close one chapter of your life to start a new one; you don’t have to stick with something just because it's successful or because there is history to it.

Lisa’s bucket is a full grow movement for women around the world. She is thinking about how she can help and mentor young adults, that vulnerable 18-25 age group, navigate unprecedented times with digital wellness and clarity on the social impact digital has on all parts of our lives to help them look forward and evolve beyond where they are today.