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March 21, 2023

Episode 36 - Jess Moore Matthews, Unbought and Unbossed Leader

Episode 36 - Jess Moore Matthews, Unbought and Unbossed Leader
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Jess Moore Matthews is a force to be reckoned with as the founder and Chief Good Troublemaker at Backbone Digital Leaders - an agency conceived by unbought and unbossed black women. Her digital marketing and organizing expertise started with a tweet during former President Obama’s address to her graduating class. Those 120 characters led her from intern to leadership positions on several presidential and down-ballot campaigns and in industries from tech to state and local government. She has been a digital trainer and coach with the National Democratic Training Committee and a mentor to many.Destined to impact the world in a big way, Jess is mission-driven – when she sets her mind to something, there is no stopping her. She blends her pursuit of honesty, with herself and others, and faith, in those who came before her and the powers around her to guide her in decisions and direction that uplift communities and give them a seat and a voice at the table. Seeing others succeed empowers her to do more for her team and those they support.Jess has a clear vision of where she wants to take Backbone Digital Leaders and has had great role models to show her what hard work, dedication to that vision, and mutual respect can help you achieve. She’s also recognized that the little moments are the big moments in our lives. We must breathe in and absorb what is happening because we never get that time back. Something she is doing more of as she pursues justice for all. She also believes that love is radical. And that actions fueled by love conquer all, and the future belongs to those who speak up and fight for it. Hear, hear!Backbone Digital LeadersJess Moore Matthews on TwitterJess Moore Matthews on LinkedIn