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April 18, 2023

Episode 40 - Jay Trestain, Experience Unicorn

Episode 40 - Jay Trestain, Experience Unicorn
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Jay Trestain is a self-professed unicorn - technologist, strategist, mentor/career coach, volunteer, and massive advocate for women and girls in STEM; she also has some of the best hair going in the industry. Jay loves talking to people about how the lines between technology and human experience are increasingly blurring together. In her day job as IBM iX's Global Lead for Adobe Workfront, she is an experienced global leader with extensive experience in information technology and services. She is skilled in Sales, Partner & Relationship Management, Enterprise Mobility, Digital Reinvention, Go-to-market Strategy, and Offering portfolio development/management. Her management style is simple – be in service of whomever you work with. Your teams. Your clients. And yourself.

She believes great results can happen when everyone’s interests are considered. Another of Jay's passions is ensuring her daughter (and everyone else's) has access to genuinely equal and unbiased opportunities across all sectors - particularly tech. She is also a massive and vocal advocate for driving better awareness and understanding of mental health and the impact it can have. Her passion comes from firsthand experiences she's endured and evolved from in her own life – something she has been open about and talks freely of to encourage others to do the same. Her perspective is that by sharing and being forthright with what her life outside of work entails, she can provide others the opportunity to be compassionate and flexible and feel safe to share their own needs and be on the reciprocal end of that compassion and flexibility.

Jay's figured out how to "get very comfortable with chaos" and leans into it; works with it, not against it. While her global gig (an intentional choice to have the flexibility of working across multiple time zones, not just the local one) is a far cry from being a Formula One driver as she had visions of being when she was young, Jay still finds reasons to pop champagne and celebrate the wins, big or small … she's just not (often) spraying it all over people.

Her best piece of advice – make value-based decisions. Get comfortable with what really makes you tick. And not the salary or title, but what is deep down inside, your foundational values – and then use those to make decisions. Because at the end of the day, if you've been faithful to who you are, then good things will happen.

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