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May 9, 2023

Episode 42 - Cynthia Nelson, Empowering Entrepreneur

Episode 42 - Cynthia Nelson, Empowering Entrepreneur
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Cynthia Nelson is a visionary entrepreneur with 25+ years of start-up and corporate experience building lifestyle and content platforms with world-class brands including Amazon/Audible, Walmart , Kraft, Sony Music, American Airlines, Disney, and numerous other media outlets. From early days as in the PC repair business to the COO of a major broadcast outlet, where together with an all-female Toedoebebe executive team they raised $15M in 2008 and had a public exit in 2012 with Entravision, Cynthia is a force to be reckoned with. She has garnered expertise in #allthingscontent - content creation and executions across all media channels operations, marketing, sales, research, technology/development, product development, content syndication and beyond. After the exit she founded and is the Managing Partner at Luminacion where she advises clients from the intersection of culture, content, and commerce on how to develop new opportunities by integrating brand and content the create monetizable moments. With not a horse in sight from her home and office in New York City (she once dreamed of being a horse rancher), Cynthia takes heed to the lessons she learned from her parents – don’t wait around for someone else to do things for you, be self-motivated; think strategically breaking the rules if you have to, and get excited about the little things. She is an in-demand writer, speaker, and advisor to a variety of outlets from Forbes to Digital Hollywood to Jupiter Research and Marketing to Moms just to name a few. As well, if she wasn’t busy enough, is an advisor and serves on several boards, and an active investor in female-led companies. Her best advice for success – don’t do it alone. Connect with others – talk to friends. Make new friends. Make meaningful connections with others who are akin to you by sharing your expertise and listen actively to what they have to say and share. Cynthia Nelson on LinkedInLuminacion2