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May 16, 2023

Episode 43 – Mary Quist-Newins, Financial Education Evangelist

Episode 43 – Mary Quist-Newins, Financial Education Evangelist
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Mary Quist-Newins is a driven financial industry founder, practitioner, instructor, researcher, author, coach, leader, and mom and grandmother. Her wall is crowded with degrees and certifications - she is Certified Financial Planner, and has not one, but two master’s degrees in business and finance along with two more advanced financial planning designations (CLU®, ChFC®), all of which she has leveraged during her three-plus decades in the financial services industry.

Her passion throughout her career has been to raise women up in the financial industry – both as professionals and customers. Her current gig as the founder, Executive Director, and President of Moneyweave® Academy – a not-for-profit focused on helping women improve their financial security, blends her profession and passion in equal parts. She is the only endowed professorship in the nation dedicated exclusively to the study of women and money at The American College. And while at The College, she founded the thriving and unique Center for Women and Financial Services. Today’s guest has dedicated her career to bringing equality and equity to women in the financial realm.

Leveraging the experiences and education of a multicultural upbringing – having lived in four countries and 11 states – Mary is comfortable with being uncomfortable. Something that has helped her throughout her career and life’s pursuits. Inspired by her mother’s persistence, Mary approaches each opportunity with curiosity, passion, and a drive to succeed. All of this she taps into as she builds MoneyWeave Academy and the vision of making it THE go-to resource that empowers women to learn and take control of their financial health and future.

Through it all, her greatest joys continue to be helping others, her family, and good friends, learning, and pursuing health. And Mary’s best advice is “It’s never too late/early to take hold of your finances because intellectual financial wealth impacts your whole life’s journey”.

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