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July 12, 2022

Episode 7 - Caroline Kay, Evolutionary Coach

Episode 7 - Caroline Kay, Evolutionary Coach

Caroline Kay is an entrepreneur, business and success coach, growth consultant, and fellow podcaster. She has a knack for sales, the gift of gab, and the power to persuade and you don’t even realize it, which is what makes her such an in-demand coach. She has a passion for creativity and helping people and has evolved her passion for art and teaching to create a unique space where she gets to meet really interesting people, work with fantastic companies, and continue her own adventures in learning.

An entrepreneur, business and success coach, growth consultant, and fellow podcaster, Caroline Kay has carved her path from sculptor to in-demand life and career coach. While she dreamed of following in the footsteps of Tatum O'Neil’s Sarah Brown in International Velvet and conquering the equestrian world, her sights shifted when her curiosity about what everyone else was doing who didn’t spend 30 hours a week at the barn.

A love of film and Disney in particular, Caroline identified with the heroes of those movies and decided early on that nothing would stand her way from success. And clearly, she took that pursuit seriously – a junior national champion equestrian, celebrated and commissioned sculptor, and now in-demand coach – she doesn’t recognize “can’t” as an option for her.

Caroline’s adventurous spirit presented her with her own Eat, Love, Pray moment and took her from sculptor to writer to marketer to coach and from England to Italy, where she lives now. Through it all, she’s followed her heart and recognized that her biggest regrets come from when she didn’t try something or go for what her gut was telling her to do. Her best advice – Now is later, so put on your big-girl pants, go for it, and if it doesn’t work out – that is ok. That mantra has clearly worked for her.


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