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July 19, 2022

Episode 8 - Jessica Bergmann, Shrewd Risk Taker

Episode 8 - Jessica Bergmann, Shrewd Risk Taker

A self-proclaimed Germanized American, Jessica Bergmann embraces life with a “do no harm, take no shit” attitude. Whether leading a team of content experts at Salesforce or thinking about how to revolutionize the shoe industry, she understands the role balance plays in long-term success. Her journey has taken her from Kansas City to Germany to San Francisco. An adventurer and list-making enthusiast, listen to this episode to hear how taking chances that are fueled by a long-game vision can lead to fulfilling lifelong dreams.

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From a small mid-western town - we're talking 56 kids in her senior class and her dad was her teacher - to the bustle of Berlin and San Francisco, Jessica Bergmann has always known what she wanted to do from career and life perspectives. She found her passion for words early on. With the encouragement of her teacher-parents and an enthusiastic college professor, she has turned that passion into a successful career with big brands like Edelman, Demandware, and Salesforce.

You don’t get to work on iconic campaigns like Dove’s “Real Beauty” without putting in long hours and days, even weeks. But something Jessica learned along the way was it is rewarding to work hard and bring ideas to fruition, but you must live and play hard too. Finding balance and asking for what you need and want is the only way to get where you want to be – whether that is a promotion or time off. Working hard is easier when you are helping solve real problems for customers. But regardless of the work, she advises that we need promote, support, and reward healthy habits and “stop glamourizing the grind.

Jessica takes a no-nonsense approach to everything she does – from her current Content Leadership role to her entrepreneurial vision of fun, fashionable, and functional footwear. She doesn’t see working at Salesforce as a grind because she knows what she and her team are doing is tied to a bigger mission. By not just applying, but embedding Salesforce’s values of trust, customer success, innovation, equality, and sustainability in the experiences her team helps shape – for all audiences, internal and external – they are helping companies, and people succeed all around the world.

And her mantra – do no harm, but take no shit! – is clearly works for her.


Career song: About Damn Time by Lizzo

Career street name:  The intersection of Mission Way and Unknown Road

 Influencer: Her parents and Professor Bob Leads

Jessica Bergmann on LinkedIn